Local Government

Government Structure

The Local Government of Baclayon serves as the local government authority for Baclayon guided by the principles, mandates, laws, rules and regulations.

Executive Department

The highest local authority in the municipality in the executive department is the Municipal Mayor. The mayor is chosen through a local election. He serves a term that covers three-years in office. A mayoralty election is being held every three years. Under the local government code, a qualified individual can run for the office and be elected for the same position for three consecutive terms (or 9 straight years in office). After which, he is not allowed to run for a fourth consecutive term in the same office. The person will have the option of seeking for a lower or higher elective position or he/she may have to wait for three years before seeking the same post.

Under the executive department, the Minicipal Mayor of Baclayon has the prerogative and authority to select and appoint deputy mayors for the municipalities 17 barangays. He also appoints a Municipal Administrator to handle administrative functions for the executive department’s regular functions as well as special projects and programs of the Mayor.
The Executive Department or the Office of the Municipal Mayor has 12 departments under it. There are around 44 regular employees of the Municipal Government of Baclayon.
Legislative Branch
The Municipality of Baclayon is composed of 17 barangays namely; Cambanac, Dasitam, Don Juan San Buenaventura, Guiwanon, Landican, Laya, Libertad, MontaƱa, Pamilacan, Payahan, Poblacion, San Isidro, San Roque, San Vicente, Sta. Cruz, taguihon and Tanday.
The Vice-Mayor serves as the presiding officer of the Municipalities legislative department, the Municipality Council of Baclayon. It is composed of the vice-mayor, 7 elected councilors, 2 sector representatives (the president of the League of Barangay Captains and the federation president of the Youth Council), and the SB Council Secretary. This body is responsible for municipal ordinances and resolutions.

At present, there are a number of landmark legislations passed by the Municipal Council. 

LGU Vision
Baclayon, being one of the country’s prime eco-cultural tourist destinations with competent and committed leaders, is supported by the people in its quest for efficient and effective governance that continuously provide sustainable livelihood, peace and harmony for the betterment of all.

LGU Mission
A dynamic and responsible local government unit, with a flaming commitment to provide a more progressive life to its people by enhancing their political, socio-economic and cultural heritage through the joint efforts of the people and the LGU in preservation of the patrimony of the town.