The Citizen' Charter is defined in the implementing rules of Republic act No. 9485 or the Anti-Red tape Law of 2007. It is also considered as an instrument through which quality of public service be improved by letting the people know the mandate of the government office concerned, how can one in touch with it's official, what to expect by way of services and how to seek remedy if something goes wrong. in essence, the Citizen's Charter does itself create new legal rights, but ratehr helps in enforcing exixting rights.

Through it by it, the LGU promises a certain level of performance in the delivery of public services and a remedy in case this is not met. Also, the clients agree to fulfill the reuirements in order to receive a particular service. In view of this, both the LGU and the clients could benefit from the Citizen's Charter.

For the clients, the following benefits could be derived:

1. Client Satisfaction
2.Equal Treatment of Clients
3. Complaints and Redress Mechanism
4.Opportunity for People participation in Service Improvement
5. Less Cost of Public Service Delivery
6. Reduced Vulnerability to/Graft and Corruption
7. Feedback Mechanism
8. Basis for Assessing Performance
With the awareness of the mandate comes the challenge to translate the mandate into action, thus- Baclayon Citizen's Charter is crafted.